WiFi calling and texting anywhere in the world - T-Mobile continues to set the trend

09/11/2014 - 00:00

  By <a href="http://bgr.com/author/zach-epstein/">Zach Epstein</a> | <a href="https://twitter.com/zacharye">@zacharye</a><br><br>The big news here is that T-Mobile’s WiFi calling and texting features will work on any WiFi connection, anywhere in the world.  As a result, all Simple Choice plan holders with T-Mobile phones will be able to make and receive phone calls, or send and receive text messages, from anywhere in the world as long as they’re connected to WiFi.<br><br><a href="http://bgr.com/2014/09/10/t-mobile-wifi-unleashed-announcement/">READ MORE ON BGR</a>