INFOGRAPHIC: Virtual Reality And The Future Of Intelligent Marketing

02/21/2016 - 10:22

Robert Parmer

Photo by Nan Palmero - Flickr

There’s no questioning the fact that virtual reality has become immensely popular. It’s everywhere: in film, in classrooms, and on YouTube with the addition of 360 degree video.

A year ago it was a challenge to simply own anything related to VR. Pre-orders and long waiting periods were commonplace for anyone wanting to get their faces in a headset.

But as this wave of interest has grown into a VR tsunami, a multitude of websites now sell headsets, 360 degree cameras, and other virtual reality gear. Beyond that, extremely affordable VR headsets such as Google Cardboard are as cheap as $20 when used with a smartphone.

Everyone is familiar with its applications to video games, but virtual reality in marketing--mainly through in-store simulations and other early forms of augmented reality--has actually existed for quite some time. The following infographic explains how VR pertains to modern marketing tactics and highlights how advancements are changing the way marketers now conduct their research.

Virtual Reality Changing the Way Marketers are Conducting Research

Virtual Reality: Changing the Way Marketers are Conducting Research courtesy of Rutgers University