Flyboard hoverboard boss hopes to ride the clouds "like snowboarding in the powder"

04/18/2016 - 05:39

Scott Ryan

The Verge had an interview with the head of Zapata Racing, Franky Zapata, on the advancements they have made with its jetpack hoverboard combo dubbed Flyboard® Air.

We are most excited by these comments from Franky Zapata:

"We will fly the clouds. My goal is to ride the clouds. Do like snowboarding in the powder, but I want to do it in a cloud. That’s my dream, and I will do my best to realize that."

Unfortunately, he mentions one would need 50-100 hours with the original Flyboard in the water. It is apparently quite difficult to get the hang of. These guys make it look too easy.

Given the incredible media attention they have garnered, they are looking at potential possibilities of developing a more user friendly version.

He also notes in the interview the military is interested (go figure) and that they plan to beat the world record for furthest distance traveled by hoverboard. This should all take place within the next few weeks, so will be interesting to watch for fans and skeptics alike.