Bose's Project Vortex uses aerogels to create next generation stove top cooking system

03/07/2016 - 06:20

Scott Ryan

This really is quite an incredible bit of technology that Bose of all companies has unveiled.

Bose is partnering with an unnamed major appliance maker to deliver a new stove top that uses patented induction technology to deliver a near-perfect cooking experience.

Project Vortex is showcased in this video by showing a man not getting burned after putting his hand on a stovetop that was just boiling water seconds ago.

A regular pan would not create the same effect and the patented pan is essential to complete the system. Aerogels and other materials are used as insulation to enable this incredible feat.

"So this is using a form of induction heating so the power amplifier underneath here produces a powerful magnetic field. Which heats up Ferrous metal, which is bonded to the inside of the pan. This has wireless communication between the pan and the cooktop, and we have a thermal sensor that is welded to the bottom of the pan."

Project Vortex is very efficient and the heat can be very precisely controlled to deliver the "perfect" temperature.

They also mention they have been working on the patented tech for the past decade, but the only induction patent from Bose we could find is from the 1970s.

Although lacking on specific details of the inner workings of Project Vortex, we hope this tech becomes commonplace in kitchens of the future.