FLASHBACK: Top 10 stories in April - Paraplegics moving legs again to artificial blood

05/13/2014 - 12:16

April flew by with some very fascinating advancements!

My particular favorite is the advancement using electrical stimulation to enable paraplegics to move their lower body again.  After personally being in a similar situation, I can only imagine the joy and hope this gives to those with current spinal injuries.

It's amazing how much the human race can progress in one month.  Many of the stories below used to be considered science fiction.  However, that fiction is slowly becoming fact and present in our reality.

Electric stimulation allows 4 paraplegics to move their legs again - Hope for spinal cord patients

Ultra-fast nanoelectronic circuits using light are 10,000x faster than current tech

Seawater to become fuel - US Navy to industrialize tech to serve up to warships 

VIDEO: Global Neural Network is coming via Internet of Things - 'The Zero Marginal Cost Society'

Customizable body parts to be commercially produced soon - Ears and noses to start the parade

Biomedical engineers suture severed nerves using liquid metal to enable functionality

Process allows for tiny stacked solar cells to achieve higher efficiencies - Measured at 43.9%

Red blood cells created from stem cells could usher in mass manufacturing of artificial blood

Scientists develop human brain based circuit board - 9,000 times faster & more efficient than a PC

Powdered alcohol has been TTB approved - Sprinkle it in your food or drink for extra fun