Ad Bureau wants to bring legal against adblockers and their users... Good luck!

09/06/2015 - 11:27

Tim Peterson

In a previous post, we suggest our reasoning as to why µBlock is better than AdBlock (Plus).

As the digital media and advertising industries come to grips with the rise of ad blocking, so is one of the industry's more prominent organizing bodies.

A month before Apple revealed in June that later this year it would enable ad blocking on its mobile Safari browser, the Interactive Advertising Bureau broached the topic during its board meetings in May.

"We started taking a look at the remainder of 2015, and the ad-blocking conversation got ratcheted up based on what we were hearing from publishers and their data and the rise of [ad-blocking] incident rates they were seeing," said Scott Cunningham, a senior VP at the IAB and general manager of the trade organization's Technology Lab.