VPN Industry Report 2020 - A Look at the Current Top Market Players

01/27/2020 - 16:44

Marcel Deniau

The VPN market is growing really fast and, according to what experts say, it should reach around $69.2b in five years. As personal privacy and security is becoming a bigger and bigger concern and issue each day, VPNroom.com prepared a deep VPN market research.

If you are not familiar with what a VPN means, this term stands for Virtual Private Network. VPNs are servers that allow you to access the internet safely and privately. The connection accomplishes this by routing your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to another server (or even a couple of servers with the double VPN feature). Basically, it conceals your online activity and location and you would want that for many reasons. There are many VPN providers, but if you are really looking for a reliable one, we suggest you to take a look at the best VPN providers in 2020. 

Before diving into our VPN research for the year of 2020, here are the main points of what might be an interest for each internet user or a VPN enthusiast:

- ExpressVPN has the most website traffic from all of the VPN providers (total 215.1M per year). The second most popular VPN provider is NordVPN, which received “only” 115.1M visits per year (according to similarweb.com data). Of course, this is not 100% accurate, but usually the discrepancy is something around 5-8%.

- NordVPN has the biggest traffic value among all the VPN providers (total organic traffic worth is $3.3M). ExpressVPN, who received almost twice bigger amount of visits is in second place with the traffic value of 2M. The traffic value is calculated by the total amount of organic keywords + positions in each geo around the world. This simply means that NordVPN has a way stronger domain authority and ranks higher in various search engines.

- ExpressVPN is leading in terms of paid visits per year. According to our sources, ExpressVPN received around 9.01M paid ad clicks per year, which is around 4.1% of their total traffic. This means that ExpressVPN is buying the most paid ads out of all. 

- NordVPN is the biggest spender when it comes to PPC (paid per click) advertising. According to their TOP10 branded keywords and their prices, the provider should’ve spent around $413k per year. Although they received fewer clicks than ExpressVPN, it means that their branded keywords (keywords where their brand is mentioned in any form) are more expensive than any other VPN provider. 

- Only four out of the ten most popular and reviewed VPN providers are based outside the 5/9/14 eyes jurisdiction alliance. – The oldest VPN is Hotspot Shield, which was founded in 2005. The newest is Surfshark, which was founded only a little bit more than a year ago in 2018.

- Only three out of ten VPN reviewed providers have an official privacy and “zero-logging” audit.