VIDEO: Some guys took a drone and attached a chainsaw to it

04/03/2016 - 21:42

Scott Ryan

The crew at NoodleTail took what seems to be a DJI S1000, attached a small chainsaw, and added a trigger to remotely turn the saw blade on.

Crazy Finnish farmers built an epic drone with a remote controlled chainsaw.

While what is shown in the video is quite unpractical, the general concept of using drones in Search and rescue (SAR) is becoming a viable asset.

From creating flying cyborg moths and beetles to drones with protective spherical cages built solely for search and rescue, this is a budding industry to help SAR teams be more effective in their efforts.

UAVs could timely bring chainsaws, equipment, medical supplies, and many other things to crews in areas that might be too dangerous for helicopters or too far to carry in on foot.

It will definitely be interesting to watch and see how drones are further integrated into this field.