Self-healing therapies being developed by DARPA via Electrical Prescriptions or ElectRx

12/14/2014 - 00:00

  Proposals sought for groundbreaking neuromodulation capabilities that would maximize the immunological, physical and mental health of military Service members and veterans.<br><br>Many chronic inflammatory diseases and mental health conditions affecting military Service members and veterans involve abnormal activity in the peripheral nervous system, which plays a key role in organ function. Monitoring and targeted regulation of peripheral nerve signals offer great promise to help patients restore and maintain their health without surgery or drugs. Current neuromodulation devices are typically used as a last resort, however, because they are relatively large (about the size of a deck of cards), require invasive surgical implantation and often produce side effects due to their lack of precision. DARPA’s Electrical Prescriptions (ElectRx) program is seeking innovative research proposals to help transform neuromodulation therapies from last resort to first choice for a wide range of diseases.<br><br><a href="">READ MORE ON DARPA | NEWS</a>