Rocki allows you to stream music from your phone anywhere in your house

11/25/2013 - 00:00

The co­founder of the extremely successful smartwatch ­ Omate TrueSmart is now revolutionizing the music world with the world’s first Wifi music system for every phone, speaker and everyone! The innovative and extremely affordable ROCKI system is gearing up to change the way people enjoy music at home. Today marks the official launch of ROCKI on the world’s number one crowd funding website 

ROCKI To All Speakers -­ Instead of just building a Wifi Speaker, the ROCKI team has set its sight bigger: to transform every speaker system into a Wifi Music System, regardless of whether it is old or new. The ROCKI PLAY is a trendy little device that plugs into the audio input of any speaker system, and immediately transforms it into a wifi music speaker, ready to rock your music wirelessly from every phone. 

ROCKI From Every Phone ­- The phone has become the window to everyone’s world. Users will be able select, share and play music to whatever speaker they wish via the free ROCK APP. The App is available for every smartphone including Android, iOS and an HTML5 edition for Windows Phone, Sailfish, Ubumtu and more. The HTML5 edition also enables PCs running Windows / Mac / Linux to use any browser to enjoy the ROCKI world. Designed for everyone, ROCKI App is built with simplicity in mind. All music will be accessible from the phone and played to all or any of your ROCKI’d speakers anywhere in the home at a simple touch. 

ROCKI For Everyone -­ Simple and affordable. The ROCKI system will revolutionize the music world at an affordable $49 each. One for every speaker in your home, in every room. Simply plug the ROCKI PLAY into your speakers, start up your ROCKI App in your phone, press play.

ROCKI is Wifi ­- Most wireless audio these days are Bluetooth based. Bluetooth is designed for speech, and transmits music in a very highly compressed form which loses a lot of sound quality. Wifi is able to transmit the highest quality audio, including lossless formats like FLAC. Furthermore, using Wifi ROCKI is able to transmit music at a greater distance, and even through walls, plus supports multiple users playing music to multiple speakers at the same time.

ROCKI is Dual System, Open and ROCKI Proprietary -­ Both ROCKI PLAY and ROCK App supports UPnP, the open system, so that ROCKI easily integrates into any existing wifi music network. However, most of these setup lack the simplicity of “plug, press, play”. The proprietary ROCKI API adds a system designed with user­friendly multi­room music in mind, enabling “simplicity”. Complex enough for superusers, simple enough for everyone, ROCKI achieves a best of both worlds ­ ROCKI for everyone. 

ROCKI is Free Your Music -­ The world of music has massively embraced streaming. However, speaker systems have not shifted at the same pace. There is a disconnection. People are left enjoying music on their phones with headphones or having to jump through hoops to get that onto speakers with decent sound. ROCKI bridges that disconnect and frees all your music allowing it to jump out of your phones into all speakers everywhere in your home. Music deserves to have its space. Free your music.