RIP Miss Murphy Ann, you will be missed - Save an animal, adopt a pet!

02/24/2016 - 06:04

Kirk Nankivell

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Our beloved Blue Heeler, Miss Murphy Ann, has passed away from pancreatic cancer and insulinoma.

She was truly a legend.

1 May 2005 - 22 February 2016

From climbing mountains and scaling seemingly impossible cliffs, Murphy was always one to impress.

She had an uncanny ability to communicate with humans. You could easily have a conversation with her as she'd respond in various barks and sounds to your questions and statements.

Murphy had an amazing adventurous life and touched many that knew her.

We hope you are enjoying dog heaven!

Murphy-Anne-Blue-Heeler-Dog-Mountain Murphy-Anne-Blue-Heeler-Dog-Star-Wars-Wookiee-Chewbacca Murphy-Anne-Blue-Heeler-Dog-Backpacking Murphy-Anne-Blue-Heeler-Dog-Face Murphy-Anne-Blue-Heeler-Dog-Star-Wars-Wookiee-Chewbacca-Ewok Murphy-Anne-Blue-Heeler-Dog-Cone-of-Shame Murphy-Anne-Blue-Heeler-Dog-Crossbow-Hunting Murphy-Anne-Blue-Heeler-Dog-Sleeping-Couch Murphy-Anne-Blue-Heeler-Dog-Staring-Off-Distance-Mountains