Prosthesis is a massive human controlled exoskeleton like robot - Allows humans to run way faster

01/17/2014 - 00:00

Introducing Prosthesis:  the world’s first human-controlled racing robot and the beginning of the Anti-Robot Revolution. Formula One, meet the future. Terminator, meet your match.

Prosthesis is an exercise in inspiration. It is about pushing the boundaries of the imagination. At its heart, Prosthesis is an educational, art research project aimed at inspiring the next generation of engineers, artists and mad-scientists by learning through doing. In its first 3 years of development, over 65 engineering students have contributed to the project.

Prosthesis is being built by humans for humans. It may be a high-tech racing machine, but it is really all about the experience of piloting it. Having no automated controls, its performance is entirely dependent on the person strapped into the cockpit. Piloting Prosthesis will not be easy. It will take focus, skill, and athleticism. Think of it as a roller coaster where you make up the track as you go!

If this campaign is a success, we hope to one day see a whole league of racing robot take shape!

We may not be the first to think of this, but we're the first to try and make one for real. People have been dreaming of huge, powerful "mech suits" for generations. Just ask visual effects legend Phil Tippett (no relation to project lead Jonathan Tippett) who has been making giant walking beasts on the silver screen for decades.