Novel device mimics the Killer Whale's sound to keep sharks away and you safe

08/21/2014 - 00:00

Upon activation of the SharkStopper device, Shark's are immediately repelled away from the SharkStopper source.

We have had many inquiries into the workings of SharkStopper's technology. It is widely agreed in the scientific community that killer whales, sharks’ main predator, communicate using a variety of complex sounds. 

The sounds emitted by SharkStopper emulate the sounds of killer whales in conjunction with our patented frequency overlay. Our frequency, combined with sharks’ natural fear of their main predator, keeps the sharks at a safe distance.  The SharkStopper device emits a relatively low power acoustic signal and as such has no moving parts, disbursement of chemicals, electrical fields, or other potential harsh personal or environmental issues.