Novel acousto-optic device to enable real time holographics and more efficient optical devices

01/06/2015 - 00:00

A team of engineers has developed a new acousto-optic device that can shape and steer beams of light at speeds never before achieved. The new technology will enable better optical devices to be made, such as holographs that can move rapidly in real time.

The research led by Bruce Drinkwater, Professor of Ultrasonics at the University of Bristol and Dr Mike MacDonald at the University of Dundee is published in the journal, Optics Express.    


Ref: 'Tunable beam shaping with a phased array acousto-optic modulator' by A Grinenko, M P MacDonald, C R P Courtney, P D Wilcox, C E M Demore, S Cochran, and B W Drinkwater in Optics Express.