Just like any Apple product, if they launch an electric car, the world will embrace it

03/14/2015 - 00:00

Kirk Nankivell | @KirkNankivell

There has been quite a bit of speculation regarding this topic recently.  The Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and many more seem to have their own opinions and somewhat unsubstantiated claims of Apple's intentions of building an electric car... possibly autonomous. 

This is not another one of those types of articles.  I am simply pointing out the obvious here that all the main online media networks seem to be forgetting.

Whenever Apple creates its version of a product, the world goes bonkers for it.

The iPod was definitely not even close to the first MP3 player ever created.  Not to mention other tablets were available for purchase years prior to the iPad, but many people thought tablets were stupid before the iPad came out and once the iPad existed, just had to have it.  Almost overnight it seems Apple commandeers the majority of market share in whatever product category it is.

Another example is the speculation that Apple Pay is being adopted by banks, retailers, consumers, etc. faster than ATMs ever were.  

As a recent Verge article states, "Apple is notoriously deliberate about its approach to adding bells and whistles to its products; it’s rarely a first mover."

This will definitely be an interesting development to follow.  If Apple does introduce an electric car or an autonomous electric car or whatever, the world will lap it up and create a new norm with that product at the center.  Growing markets into mainstream concepts is definitely part of Apple's forte.  I think Elon Musk and Tesla would gladly take on the competition as it would help lower the economies of scale and help them sell more vehicles.  We shall see...