Interesting discussion on electromagnetic waves, light, and space waves

12/08/2013 - 00:00

In modern physics, there is no acceptable explanation of electromagnetic waves. We find everywhere the same definition, which is "the propagation of a disturbance producing on its passage a reversible variation of local physical properties of its medium. It moves with a certain speed which depends on the characteristics of the propagation medium. A wave carries energy without transporting any matter. 

The word "disturbance" can be translated as "disorder in a mechanism." To understand a disturbance, it is necessary to know the disorder and the mechanism or environment. "Reversible variation" of physical properties: therefore there is a real provisional modification of the "medium", which is recognizable by its "physical properties", the variation, the medium and the properties which need to be specified. The last sentence of the definition is incomprehensible since we do not know what energy and matter we are referring to. To study the waves of space, it is necessary to begin by those of the medium concerned. In the first Chapter, I explain that in the Électroniste Universe, ether exists according to the Einstein’ thoughts. It is created, with the whole of the Ubiverse by the vibrating electrons. 

It is surprising that since the eighteenth century, particles have been considered to possess a frequency, with no indication of its nature, and without physicists considering this, until Louis de Broglie attributed to them the singularity of being both wave and particle at the same time. He gives no physical explanation of this phenomenon, while countless mathematical developments were leading to quantum mechanics and the theory of the Standard Model of particles and interactions.