IBM finds recyclable synthetic polymer that could greatly enhance electronics, aerospace, etc.

05/15/2014 - 00:00

Scientists from IBM Research (NYSE: IBM) have successfully discovered a new class of polymer materials that can potentially transform manufacturing and fabrication in the fields of transportation, aerospace, and microelectronics. Through the unique approach of combining high performance computing with synthetic polymer chemistry, these new materials are the first to demonstrate resistance to cracking, strength higher than bone, the ability to reform to their original shape (self-heal), all while being completely recyclable back to their starting material. Also, these materials can be transformed into new polymer structures to further bolster their strength by 50% - making them ultra strong and lightweight. This research was published today in the peer-reviewed journal, Science, with collaborators including UC BerkeleyEindhoven University of Technology and King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST.), Saudi Arabia.