How to find the nearest epic adventure? The Uberisation of outdoor adventures is here

10/24/2016 - 01:59

Kirk Nankivell | @KirkNankivell

Discovering unique and epic adventures can sometimes be a challenge when visiting new places. Getting the inside scoop of awesome activities in an unfamiliar town (or even in your current one) has usually been an arduous process combing blogs, forums, etc. looking for hints and ideas of the coolest things to do.

With the advent of Yelp incorporating popular things to do nearby like adding hiking spots, this has helped the outdoor weekend warriors easily find new adventures. Nonetheless, there is still a void in finding exclusive adventures.

Enter Vestigo. This incredibly brilliant concept offers exciting and legendary adventures paired with local guides to give you unforgettable experiences. Here are some of the awesome things you can find available right now:

Utilizing a peer-to-peer network, this sharing economy platform functions similarly to Uber and Airbnb. This crowdsourced ideology truly allows for some awesome and interesting activities to found on the site. Within this model, guides can create their own exclusive adventures and charge people accordingly. There is a thorough vetting process to becoming a guide, so rest assured these individuals have a positive track record and are vouched for.


Ready to download the app and find your first adventure? We were too and then realized it is only currently in the Southeast of the US. We reached out to the founder, Marshall Mosher, to learn more.

We asked him about when we could start using this out here on the West coast and he said, “Sooner rather than later I hope!” Currently, users can access all the adventures on the site and communicate with their respective guides there too. It’s a very easy to use and intuitive interface that will be ported over to the upcoming app. He also mentioned they are nearing the end of development of their app as they continue scaling up.

Getting outside is not only a fun and excellent way to help stay in shape, but there are other benefits too. Researchers showed that going out camping can reset your circadian clock! Syncing your internal clock with nature is not only a good way to reset, but can also help with your mental state. Being out in nature is an easy way to de-stress.

Another great thing is that you can push yourself to try new activities and get out of your comfort zone. Challenging yourself and overcoming those challenges is another beneficial part of getting outside and being active. The awesome thing that Vestigo brings to the table is a whole slew of new adventures to try! Scared of heights or rapids? Overcome those fears and go climbing or kayaking down some rapids with a certified Vestigo guide.

This will definitely be an exciting concept to follow and watch this novel sharing economy network grow. You can keep up with latest from Vestigo here as their adventures continue to unfold!