HEXO+ is your personal professional drone videographer taking your epicness to the next level

03/17/2015 - 00:00

Kirk Nankivell

Have you ever flown a drone before?  It's not that easy.  Not to mention if you want to film something at the same time and do it well, your looking at a very precise dance of motor skills to get any sort of desired result.

Luckily, HEXO+ is an autonomous drone with an extremely smooth 3D gimbal stabilized on 3 axis for your GoPro camera that can capture all those epic moments.  This "sexcopter" (similar to a quadcopter but with 6 rotors instead) is up for pre-order now and truly is an incredible piece of technology.

Development is still underway enhancing the algorithms, hardware, and all around usability of the device to make it even better.  Check out the videos below to learn more and see some incredible footage shot with the HEXO+.

Also, HEXO+ just joined the No Fly Zone we reported on earlier this year.  This is a great way for concerned individuals to add their homes, properties, etc. to a database that drone manufacturers will program their drones to not fly over.