getWiFi is a searchable global map for open public WiFi hotspots

03/04/2016 - 18:23

Kirk Nankivell

getWifi is an easy to use website that simply allows you to search whatever city you want and find open WiFi connections.

This is definitely a site you want to bookmark and use when travelling.

We reached out to the team behind this project to learn more about the technology enabling them to analyze and compile all this data. Robert G said:

"Our technology lets us easily aggregate private sources, we also crowdsource from our mobile userbase."

While slightly vague in how the technology actually works globally, we applaud them for their effort and awesome platform.

When asked about their goals for this project, he replied:

"GetWi.Fi's mission is to make internet more affordable. Educating the public on the abundance of free WiFi and helping them plan out their data usage can save an individual hundreds of dollars a year."

However, one must be cyber-vigilant when utilizing unknown hotspots. Using a VPN is a good start, but there is always the possibility someone has setup a honeypot. We listed several steps you should take to help secure your online privacy, especially in this age of CISA.

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