FLASHBACK: Top ten stories in March - Numerous breakthroughs in nanotechnology, health, and synthetic biology 

04/03/2014 - 15:07

March was full of many incredible changes.  We saw some awesome advancements in nanotechnology allowing objects to be manipulated by light and devices created 'atom-by-atom.'  Seriously cool stuff!  A woman had a 3D printed cranium implanted in her brain and we saw breakthroughs in cancer research.  As we continue to progress, eradication of this horrible disease is becoming a reality.  

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New method allows laser to create nanoscale devices 'atom-by-atom'

Ultrafast optical switch taking miniaturization to the next level - Trillions of times per second

Soon it will be possible to get a health check up via a handheld device from viruses to diseases

Russia will no longer use dollars and buy in sell in rubles - What will this do to the US petrodollar?

Neurosurgeons successfully implant 3D printed skull (cranium) to combat woman's bone disorder

Advancement in synthetic biology with the creation of the first designer eukaryotic chromosome

Breakthrough in cancer treatment drug could be 10x more effective than current anticancer drugs 

Nano-sized objects moved around using light without any mechanical contact

Scientists create LEDs three atoms thick that are strong and efficient

Vast impact on solar cells - Carbon nanotubes sees transport charges '100 million times higher than previously measured'