FLASHBACK: Top 10 stories in May - From tractor beams to flexible nanogenerators

06/08/2014 - 21:10

Tractor beams really!? Yep May was definitely an interesting month with some very cool advances in the tech world. Check out the best below!

Tractor beam created using light and sound waves - Can push & pull objects on the cm scale

Matter created from light - Star Trek like replicator could possibly exist in a year

Scientists expand the genetic code artificially - Vast potential in medicines, vaccines, etc.

Novel lab-on-a-chip can rapidly detect early stages of cancer in one drop of blood

1000x more energy-efficient magnetic topological insulators to greatly enhance  future devices

Brain-machine interface can now learn via intelligent algorithms that learn your preferences

Flexible nanogenerator sees 40x energy efficiency increase - Infinite power to be commercialized soon

Self-assembling carbon nanotubes & graphene sheet based supercapacitor breaks previous record

VIDEO: Babelfish like Skype translator works in real time - Google Glass integration would be incredible

Breakthrough in graphene photonics via new method is cheap & scalable - Ultrafast communications en route