FLASHBACK: Top 10 stories in January - From antihydrogen to programmable nanocomputers

02/07/2014 - 16:17

The year of the horse is off to an incredible start!  We have already seen numerous advances in science, health, and technology in 2014.  Below is a brief list of the paramount stories in January.  

Let's hope February can provide just as many if not more breakthroughs!

Programmable nanocomputer to extend Moore's law - Smaller than a human nerve cell

Economically viable and reliable battery storage for renewable energy technologies

Ultrafast laser to encode data in light pulses - Will make current tech 'look like a school science-fair project'

Wireless energy transfer greatly extended by researchers with help of 'superlens'

Discovery of compatibility between spintronics and superconductors will revolutionize computing 

Quantum dot based structures operate on a single-atom level - Usher in new age of electronics

Researchers find gene to turn off metastasis in breast cancer therapeutically blocking it

Beam of antihydrogen atoms produced for the first time to help solve antimatter mystery

The most complex integrated quantum circuit fabricated - Quantum systems getting closer 

VIDEO: Solar energy efficiency to be improved by harvesting heat energy