FLASHBACK: Top 10 stories in February - From efficient desalination to human genome editing

03/04/2014 - 09:14

February always seems to come by so quickly.  Some pretty amazing stuff happened this month to say the least.   A new desalination method will help our current and future global water problems.  Meanwhile, researchers found a way to edit the human genome letter by letter... wow! 

We are off to a great start in the Year of the Horse and hope 2014 continues with such incredible breakthroughs.  Below is a brief list of the highlighted stories in February.  

Engineers have found a new method to desalinate and disinfect water quickly

Researchers can edit the human genome letter by letter allowing new therapies to cure diseases

A 'living drug' from your immune system fights and wins against leukemia 88% of the time

New tech will allow researchers to see 3D images inside your heart in real time

Google working with Foxconn is just the beginning to fully automated factories 

Functional human DNA assembled - Highly efficient artificial DNA created via 'click chemistry'

Novel method produces molecules designed from RNA sequence to create new drugs

Novel method 3D prints human tissue with blood vessels and multiple cell types

Future spacecrafts could use harpoon like mechanism to obtain samples from asteroids and moons

Most powerful terahertz laser chip created - 2x more powerful than MIT's chip last year