Are chewable 'GO CUBES' the future of coffee?

09/01/2015 - 16:35

Kirk Nankivell

In a rush and no time to make coffee? Grab some GO CUBES and you’re set! These small and extremely convenient little cubes enable you to have coffee essentially anywhere and anytime.

Imagine going backpacking for several days and trying to make a “cuppa Joe”... you really have to make an effort to get your coffee. From carrying extra water, your fancy French press, coffee grounds, and then you still have to boil water (higher elevation makes this process even longer)! The obvious solution is GO CUBES.

Simply put, obtaining coffee boils down to time. Whether you are waiting in line at your local coffee shop or making it yourself, it usually takes at least several minutes. GO CUBES tackles this problem easily as you just pop ‘em in your mouth and you’re off with a half a cup of coffee consumed.

The game changing aspect this product brings to light is almost as important to history as the beginning use of disposable cups was. The Lackawanna Railroad was the first to truly embrace this idea and it has since become commonplace today.

Even with the sensationally disputed invention of the vacuum flask or thermos as most people know it, this concept truly changed how people enjoyed beverages, soups, etc. They could now take their warm or cold java with them and savor the taste. We have come quite a way since that magical invention and are looking at the future of coffee.

After going through “22 plus iterations on the chew to bring it to the current state," the founders are ready for prime time with GO CUBES. They come in three different flavors - Latte, Pure Drip, and Mocha. Their Indiegogo campaign is live right now. You can grab many great perks and be a part of history.


This highly versatile creation stems directly from a scientific background of the Stanford founders. “We had lots of late night conversations about optimal approaches towards doing things, then we discovered nootropics.” Geoffrey Woo and Michael Brandt created Nootrobox and have come up with several highly innovative and successful products. These stem from RISE, SPRINT, and YAWN. However, GO CUBES are the pinnacle of these and are going to make their mark on the future consumption of coffee. The product is definitely an extraordinary leap in the right direction for lovers of high quality coffee all over the world.



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