Vacuum Technology innovation crucial for Allectra

05/06/2015 - 04:31

Anyone who uses Vacuum as part of the production process knows that new solutions are always being required.

A lot of modern analysis tools would not be possible without the products developed in the last couple of decades such as Sub-D multi-pin feedthroughs and thin vacuum compatible insulated cables. That is why our aim continues to be to supply the modern industry and research facilities with the products they need to be innovative.

Some products have been developed specifically on customer request, such as the Dual In-line Feedthrough which meets a very specific demand but is then made  available to our other customers. Other products begin with an idea from Allectra. We could see that there was a demand for more pins on a single flange as space reduction combined with more and more complex measurement tools became a priority. This drove our thoughts in a direction and the end result in this case was the 78 pin High Density Sub-D Feedthrough.

We find that it is important to meet our customers on site, or at exhibitions, for example, where we can mutually understand the demands and possible solutions. Where we have developed components in a more innovative area, such as our Fibre-optic range, we have found this dynamic between ourselves and our customers has led to an increased usage for many applications.
Innovation is always going to be an important part of the Allectra business. We have recently released PEEK insulated cables that combine high radiation resistance and a very high insulation resistance over a broad temperature range.These are outstanding properties for use in Ultra High Vacuum systems. The low water absorption in air (0.1%) combined with a high diffusion rate of water also make it ideal for systems which cannot be baked.

We are soon to release the M12 Feedthrough, a very robust circular feedthrough based on connectors which are widely used in industry. Additionally we have developed a Stepper Motor Linear Drive with fully wired limit switch boxes. These can be used with computer controlled processes which will avoid manual error.

These and many other products in the pipeline!