High Current Standard Sub-D Feedthroughs and Related products

05/06/2015 - 04:45

A new pin technology means standard Sub-D feedthroughs can now be used for significantly higher current ratings. The continuous current per pin is 6A (all pins loaded) and for short periods, 10A per pin, by using special crimp pins and a new in- vacuum cable.

2x High Current (HC) 15-pin Feed­throughs on a 63CF flange

With 30 pins, these feedthroughs can transport 180A continuously or up to 300A for a short time into the vacuum system.
Cable and crimp pins can also be used with standard feedthroughs. Please note that the Standard Sub-D air side connectors are normally rated to 5A only.

Temperature measured on a 25-pin Sub-D HC f/t at 7A (all pins loaded, so 175A in total). The maximum temperature stays below 90°C.
Temperature versus time with 9 A (blue) and 10A (red) current per pin, all pins loaded. All tests were done at room temperature of ~20°C.