Custom port aligner created for Edinburgh University - Allows for more precise testing

12/08/2015 - 17:29

Kate Rider

Allectra has designed a custom port aligner for Edinburgh University. Our customer needed to correct a sample loading misalignment and was looking for a port aligner for his load lock system. Due to the shape and dimensions in the requirement, there was no off-the-shelf component available and so Allectra designed and manufactured a custom DN40CF port aligner assembly that fits the customer system, with custom lugs and threaded rods. The Allectra Group has this year continued to invest in its custom design and manufacturing departments in both the UK and Germany. In the last few years, we have shifted from distribution and assembly to developing and manufacturing our own product ranges and providing custom solutions for our customers. As well as a manufacturing facility in Berlin, we have a new purpose-built facility in East Sussex which was designed to our needs and specifications. Alongside 3-D design and specialist welding, we have invested in machining capabilities and have installed a new four-stage automatic ultrasonic cleaning plant, which can clean products to our high-vacuum standard (10-11 mbar).