CERN, TeraFERMI, and Other Particle Accelerators Using Allectra Vacuum Components

01/12/2016 - 17:07

Kate Rider

Allectra has been supplying global synchrotrons with high and ultra high vacuum components since 2002. The range includes Sub-D feedthroughs, Pressure Burst Disks – low pressure and ultra low versions, Radiation Hard UHV cables and other relevant accessories.

Allectra has manufacturing facilities with scientific and engineering capability in both the UK and Germany where as well as creating our own product ranges we provide a custom design and manufacturing service for customers around the world.

Recent projects include 10 DN100CF flanges with 37 and 25 pin Sub-D feedthroughs for the TeraFERMI beam line at Fermi@Electra and a DN250CF flange with 4 x 25 way Sub-D feedthroughs and 5 x 37 way Sub-D feedthroughs with assorted custom cables for an upgrade at CERN. A cooling flange has also just been released for a leading synchrotron from their own design (pictured below).

You can find out more information here.