AVT builds custom 7 degree flange mount for Brookhaven National Laboratory

04/21/2016 - 16:23

Perry Henderson

One of the great aspects of providing custom UHV products is working with Scientists and Engineers to solve basic design challenges. Even simple solutions sometimes provide great value!

John Kestell was upgrading a spectroscopy instrument for his lab at BNL. He required a custom window mount that provided a 7 degree "tilt". This would increase the efficiency of light transmission by 20 percent - a huge improvement for his system.

His request required mounting a K-Br ("salt") window at 7 deg from parallel in a CF port. AVT proposed a simple and flexible solution, which we were able to provide quickly and economically.

The customer's original plan required a custom "cube" with 7 degree faces, but AVT proposed a better alternative. Our design provided the same function, but saved about $6k compared to the custom cube approach. Also, the window is easily changed as required for other spectroscopy systems.

“I sent you a crude drawing for my idea, and you came back with a really elegant design that looked even better in real life. One of the innovative features of the system was the custom fabricated 7 degree flange for the window, which is working beautifully."
John Kestell - Brookhaven National Labs

See the design here.

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