Allectra heaters for vacuum use - Overview

05/06/2015 - 03:40

Allectra offers a variation of heaters for in-vacuum use: 
- Small ceramic heaters 
- Foil heaters 
- High temperature ceramic heaters 
- Components for self-made heaters 
- Custom applications

Depending on the type, the heaters can be used from 4K up to 1000°C or even 1500°C with Bora-Electric heaters.

1) Miniature Heaters

343-HEATER-2x10, Ceramic, 1,9 x 9,5 x 0,2mm, -40°C … 500°C
Max. 13.4V, 2A, 27W, ~7 Ohm at RT

343-HEATER-2X9, Glass, circular, 2,2mm ø, 9mm long, -200°C … 450°C
Max. 0,75A, 10W, ~11 Ohm at RT

A good contact to the heat sink is required. See also the accessories.

2) Foil Heaters

317-KAPH-1/1 and other sizes
Flexible foils with attached PTFE insulated wires various sizes available, circular 12,7mm to 66mm ø rightangular from 12,7mm x 51mm to 102mm x 102mm 
4K … 200°C, ~1,5W/cm², nom. voltage 28V

3) Silicon Nitride Heaters

343-HEATER-SIN-8X10, a very robust ceramic heater, 60 x 8 x 2,4mm, heated area 8x10mm, -50°C … 1000°C, shock resistant, Nom. voltage 24V, 180W, max. 48V. Can be used in air and vacuum. Low thermal mass allow fast heating and allow accurate regulation of temperature. 

Significantly more robust and lower price than Bora-Electric heaters. Other sizes are available. Special sizes can be offered from ~10 off 

4) PBN (Bora-Electric) Heaters

Pyrolytic Boron Nitride heaters can reach about 1500°C in vacuum, they are available on request in sizes from 25mm x 35mm to 75mm x 93mm and circular. Prices start from appox. PBN heater including housing1200.-- and can exceed 5000.--

5) Heater Components

Mainly for research applications, self-made heaters are in use. Allectra offers ceramic tubes with 1/ 2 / 4 holes and Tantalum or Tungsten wire. With these two components, a simple but effective sample heater can be created. Crimp- and screw connectors are offered for the wire connections. Special temperature measurement components, like thermocouples or wide range PT-100 resistors (-200 … 750°C) are available from Allectra as well.

6) Thermal Contact Components

To achieve good thermal contact, Allectra offers two UHV compatible products: Liquid Metal and a low melting metal foil. These products contain nothing else than metal! 
317-TCL-1: Liquid metal (MP: 8°C), for vacuum use up to 500°C, not for Aluminium 
317-TCP-20x20 and 317-TCP-38x38 are thin foils with a melting temp. of 58°C, for vacuum use up to 500°C.