Allectra continuing to invest in custom manufacturing capabilities

05/06/2015 - 04:48

The Allectra Group has this year continued to invest in it's custom design and manufacturing departments in both the UK and Germany. The company has two facilities with both engineering and scientific capability providing customers with bespoke vacuum science solutions. The departments incorporate a drawing office with the latest software including 3-D modelling, clean assembly area and specials workshop. They are staffed by a skilled international team of physicists, technical advisers, engineers and specialist project managers.  These departments also work closely with Allectra's own Research and Development team.

Recent releases from our custom manufacturing team include a Multi-feedthrough component featuring 11 15-way Sub-D feedthroughs, 2 High Voltage 12KV double-sided MS style feedthroughs, 2 High Voltage Coaxial feedthroughs and water cooling feedthroughs  for the Semi-Conductor sector, and further a vacuum plate to house 156 Alectra Sub-D feedthroughs for an in-vaccum X-ray detector for a major synchrotron